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My Home Inspector assured me that everything not listed in his report would be covered by the home warranty. Old Republic denies this. I called and explained that I had a calcified valve that was not on the inspection report and that I did not know when it stopped working. ORHP sent out a plumber to investigate rather than simply tell me that their policy does not cover calcified valves (which they told me today). Now they want $60 bucks for sending a plumber out to my house to say that a hole would have to be made in my siding for him to replace the valve and that my policy would cover the valve but not the hole. He then went back and told ORHP that my valve was a pre-existing condition.

He was wrong on two counts: I fixed the valve myself without blowing any holes in any walls, and ORHP would not pay for it.

I feel duped into buying a worthless policy and I further feel duped into spending even more on this plumber. I am refusing to pay the $60 for the plumber's visit on the grounds that they should have told me up front that calcified valves were not covered and that the plumber was wrong on both practical and logistical matters.

I wasted $800 on a home inspection and a home warranty.

Review about: Old Republic Home Protection Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $60.


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It's to bad that many people do not read their policy.Yes your inspector should have caught this problem.

I have seen many of poor inspection done, but they are getting better.

Also warranty companies do not cover secondary damage.Call you home owners policy for that issue.


I had a water leak and called OLd Republic, and they sent a plumber, and he fixed it,but he also called a company to dry out my place...and I did not know it was up to me the home owner to call for the dry out and not the plumber!!!!what can I do about this???I also would like to cancel my warrenty,please tell me how to do this???Do you cover any leaks outside of the home??In the yard???Thanks Diane Clark....480--807-3069


They must get a lot of complaints, their customer service people seem like lawyers. There is no responsibility in this company: their sales are done by real estate agents so Old Republic can wash its hands of the the misinformation given to get one to buy the policy and all the on-the-ground work is done by contractors. All ld Republic does is collect money and tell people "No."

They refused to waive the $60 and I refused to pay it. They referred me to a way of quitting their policy but they charge lots of fees and I would probably walk away with very little so as it stands now, I would have to pay the $60 to get them to send another *** out to look at something.

I am just fixing everything myself--its cheaper and a lot less grief.

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