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Both gararge door openers failed literailly days appart, one is 20+ years old, the other is 13 years old.O.R.

sent a "Certified Master Garage Door Opener" technician to diagnose. Bear in mind I'm an electrician for 20+ years, so I had to chuckle when my wife called and told me he said there is something wrong with the outlets that power the openers, hmmm, I suggested pulling the chain on the light that was plugged into the same outlet, said he couldn't because my jet ski was in the way, I kindly asked my wife to take care of this dangerous task, low and behold, light works. So I said, with regard to the other unit (which was fully accessable), unplug it from the outlet and plug it into an extension cord powered by a completely different outlet on another circuit. Still doesn't work, so heproceeds to go over to a breaker panel in the garage (this panel has got nothing do with the garage) and start turning things off and on, (killing my server) while my wife tries to explain that the main panel is outside.

He then proceeds to open one of the openers up and take a look, gears are toast, plastic dust everywhere, "sees" evidence of a power surge. Says our electrical is faulty, sends his report to O.R. for review, then tells my wife he is not an electrician but a "Certified Master Garage Door Opener" technician, right. O.R.

calls and says they need him to verifiy a couple of things so he will be out the next day, our "Certified Master Garage Door Opener" Tech has now found the cause, the washer and drier are on the same circuit (for 20 years now, never tripped the breaker), and there is too much stuff on the circuit and it is causing an overload and this caused a power surge which blew up the openers (exact words, I swear), so, O.R. rejected the claim based on "inadequate electrical", took my $60, and said they would be happy to install a new outlet and two openers for around $1200. I asked if they would call an actual electrician for a second opinion, they said the there "Certified Master Garage Door Opener" tech was qualified to diagnose what damaged the opener and that I would need to hire my own electrician (funny) to provide a second opinion, then they would review the claim again. OK, there old, there worn, they broke, FIX or REPLACE them!!!

If I have to hire an electrician for a second opinion, it won't be for another review, it'll be for small claims court!!O.R., do you really want to fry this fish??

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I hope when Dan writes these reviews he feels better about himself for standing up for a POS Company that is a waste of money!

Heres to you dan!:eek


I might also add, that when you put 2,3,or 4 items on a single breaker you take away the protection from the item that is on that circuit.In other words if your washer is max 20 amps, and you have it on a 40 amp breaker, With several items on the same breaker there is nothing to protect the washer, and other items from damage.

There is a reason for MAX amps on the appliance.There is also a possible fire danger from doing this.


I've worked for several home warranty companies, and I can tell you right now Old Republic is the best home owners policy out there.You must understand that they are selling policies without prior inspection.

And I can tell you that alot of customers know they have issues with improper repairs or in this case several items on circuit breaker.If her husband is a master electrician he should know this.


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